keep your brain and body healthy

This is an awesome post. I am always taking to clients about neural pathways. This explains things really well. It is quite a long post so I have taken the take home message out for you… Following these tips may help you keep your mind active and alert by protecting and strengthening your synapses: Reduce…


overcoming self doubt

That voice that tells us we cannot do it… we are too stupid, too weak, too old, too young, it’s too late… Sound familiar? We all have one. Have a read of this blog about overcoming self doubt. This guy writes from the heart so if you don’t like the F bomb don’t read it…


improve your posture

If you have ever done a one on one session with me the chances are you would of laid on these BakBalls in order to mobilize the thoracic area of your spine. I always advise that my personal clients get themselves two tennis balls in a sock as a cheap alternative. However, they are cheap…

dexa scan copy

lose body fat

So, I went into the newsagents to buy a couple of magazines. I was looking at all of the fitness mags. Everyone of them have headlines stating ‘lose body fat, gain muscle’, ‘ the secret to losing 10kgs’ , “get your best body ever… we will tell you how’. BLAH BLAH BLAH… I got to…